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For everyone who loves to swim

Bubble Blowers
Swim School

Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities at Seals Swimming Club in Pine Street, Pietermaritzburg. Parent and Baby swimming classes, Learn to swim, Adult swimming lessons and special needs swimming. Fully registered with 'Swimming South Africa'.

Let's Swim!

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We measure our classes in smiles and happiness!
"Bubble Blowers is the best swim school in PMB. Sally is naturally a nice person, the school is diverse, culture sensitive, professional and an absolute joy."

~ Nontokozo K.

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Parent and Baby Classes

Learn to Swim

Adult Classes

Special Needs Classes

Instructor with baby in the pool
Introduce your little ones to the water

Parent and Baby Swimmming is definitely one of my passions. I start babies in the water from around 6 months.

Baby Swimming is not only about learning to swim, there are so many benefits to swimming with babies:

  • Social Interactions
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Visual Eye Tracking
  • Hand & Eye Coordination
  • Calming and Connecting, and
  • Last but not least, Beautiful Bonding (no distractions!)

Always remember: Water is Enough.

Let's Swim!
Instructor with baby in the pool
Two adults in the pool learning to swim
Adult classes no matter your age!

You are never to old to master a new skill! Swimming is a life skill that everyone should have.

Being confident in water is what I emphasize at my adult classes.

Remember swimming is fun - and it's one of the best cardio workouts!

Let's Swim!
Forget about wifi.
The best connections are made in the pool!
Meet Your Instructor
Instructor with pink background holding child
I really love what I do. There are many good swim coaches in PMB and I am grateful for the people who choose me and believe in me. I run Bubble Blowers like a family.

I embrace the belief that learning to swim must be fun. I make sure that my swimming lessons are enjoyable. This is achieved through my gentle and child-led approach to teaching and by building strong relationships based on trust.

My classes cater to ALL ages and abilities, running throughout the week.

Discover the fun and growth that awaits your child at Bubble Blowers Swim School.

Contact us if you would like to join our swimming family.
Let's Swim!
What our clients say

Great environment. Sally is such a patient and encouraging teacher who has a personal relationship with every child and parent.

~ Nicole

Sally is such an incredible woman. She has a strong passion for her job. My kids love swimming with her and can't wait for their next lesson, 🏊‍♂️❤️

~ Shanice

I am fairly new to Bubble Blowers, however I love Sally's personality. She gives my kids the security to gain confidence and overcome their fears. Very friendly, so that makes the kids want to attend her classes. You can also tell she is extremely experienced by the manner in which she relates to the kids. You definitely won't go wrong by joining her.

~ Bivasha

Big highlight was when we were able to move from being a Guppie to being a Dolphin in a short space of time. Coach Sally is so amazing and takes her time with each learner. We are so grateful. My boy can swim.

~ Bongiwe

My daughter absolutely loves swimming with Sally and she has learnt so much already! It’s her favorite time of the week! 🎉

~ Robin

My girls absolutely love swimming with Sally. I highly recommend Bubble Blowers Swim School. Safe learning environment.

~ Ursula

Thank you so much Sally. My 2 girls absolutely loved their first swimming lesson with you today. See you next week.

~ Odette

Mother with baby in the pool
Swim smiles are so important!

In the pool, our little ones regulate their emotions through us. They need to feel seen, safe and heard in the pool to discover and learn.

Babies as young as 6 months use social referencing in the pool. They will have learnt if this big bath feels nice and safe with you, by responding to your swim smiles and how you hold them in the pool.

Between the ages of 6-12m babies are starting to gain more awareness of their world and, with this they learn how to express themselves in the pool. Giggles of sheer delight with a splash, or tight hold and little frowns when they are not to sure. Social anxiety can also kick in, if you are not near. Respect this stage and create moments of care and connection.

Let's Swim!
Two children learning to swim
Did you know?

At Bubble Blowers, everything I do revolves around teaching kids and adults to be safe around water!

Drowning remains one of the number one causes of inury related deaths amoung children aged 1-4 years.

Even if your child "knows how to swim" - NEVER EVER leave them unattended at the pool.

Swimming is a great form of physical exercise, it improves strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and much more. It is one of the best exercises for cardio vascular health as it conditions your heart and lungs to work together more effectively.

Kids always have huge amounts of energy, they NEED exercise, especially afer a day at school sitting behind a desk. Swimming helps them exercise all their muscles - which in turn helps them to sleep so much better.

Lastly, swimming actually reduces stress and anxiety. Water has a calming effect on the body, and swimming naturally causes your blood to pump faster thereby releasing happy hormones.

Just a few reasons to get swimming ASAP!

Let's Swim!
Two children learning to swim
We look forward to welcoming you to the Bubble Blowers family :)
Let's Start Swimming!
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